Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Can You Keep a Secret?

This cell phone gets up close and personal...


rod'aflip said...

very cool video..like it

Warren Woodhouse said...

Hey mate why you not coming back on MSN and talking to me? Well I got my own website now. Will you help me advertise it on the web? Thanks.

Your pal,


Anonymous said...

Hey, I’ve just come across your site and wondered if you’d be interested in getting involved with a project I’m currently working on

I’ve got 3 brand new Videos all relating to a new craze that is sweeping through Sweden at the moment.....Mobile Phone racing

The videos are pretty cool and are meant as little teaser videos leading up to the main Video that I’m launching at the end of the month. let me know if you’d be interested in putting the videos on your site

Look forward to hearing from you