Sunday, 9 March 2008

Only Gay in the Village

A short clip form Little Britain and Daffyd's lost cause to be the only guy in the Village!



beeker said...

Great clip! This cracked me up.

Ann said...

I agree, hilarious. I also wanted you to know that I love your you drop I follow badge and Blog of the week, but I'm having trouble down loading the code. For one thing I'm html code illiterate. Do you save the image somewhere like photobucket and then link it back to you? I just haven't any idea how to embed it or I would. It's a great idea~

And I love Wild Clips~


A Nice Place In The Sun

Scott F Mc Main said...
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Scott F Mc Main said...

hi Ann, you can upload the pic to your blog! Then change the code (img src"=url)to your pics url... that being the hyper link to your pic! or just see the complete html code here:

email me if you need more help.