Monday, 14 January 2008

Great Clip with Paris Hilton!

I think I've changed mine mind about Paris Hilton after watching this....I'm sure you will to in way or another after you have!

If you let it run you will see an unreal clip of a Shark vs Octopus, had to watch that a couple of times.


Reward Rebel said...

Thanks for the entertainment, it's the 1st time I've laughed with PH rather than at her. Oh, and I adore your lil kitty widget;-D

Claire said...

Surprisingly funny.

Then i was hypnotised by Shark vs Octopus.

Selene said...

I'm surprised Paris Hilton actually has a sense of humor.

mikster said...

She actually came across well there. (And as a good sport for that skit.)

WildClips said...

Hi all,

Your right about the Shark vs Octopus Claire, had to watch that a couple of times...unreal!